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In order to book - you have to purchase a sketch that is designed following your ideas and is delivered online so we can review it before the session. Sketching can take from 3 weeks to 2 months (Based on your chosen date for the session). Dates can also be changed after booking. 


✅ When booked, your date is automatically locked at the studio INK FOR THE SOUL (Doral, FL). 

✅ The payment for the sketch is separate from the payment of the tattoo and only covers the artwork + revisions with the client + paid reservation at the studio. 


Sketches can be purchased down below by clicking the “Book now” button. You’ll get different payment options, like AFFIRM or KLARNA which allows you to choose your own installment plan for the amount chosen. 


Once you purchase the sketch, you join the priority list of clients. You will have a chat/call with me about your project/payment/booking date and we’ll begin to work ASAP. 

If you wish you can also purchase your session right away after the sketch fee, based on the size of your tattoo, and if you have a special request, or a question about the price or budget, please contact me before purchasing your plan by writing to this email, phone, or using the contact form above in the “Contact” tab.

954 470 00 15

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