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 John D’Addario of Inkport People is an American tattoo artist based in Miami, USA.  


His love for art originated at a rather early age. The career as an artist began 20 years ago when he started with a traditional style and realism, which he didn’t like very much, but he believes it gave him a good base and helped him acquire the right knowledge. Tattooing has always been for him and his family a peculiar way of life, and, of course, the type of job that gave him the opportunity to "stay abroad.”


To date, he has formed his own style. It’s a kind of a mixture, sketchy lines and abstract colors. John believes that tattooing connects people of the past and modern generations.

Experimenting with styles through the years have created a unique combination of art worthy to wear on the skin. 

Inspired by the tropical and wild America, the complexity of Europe and the lively art found in Asia, Inkport People has the formula of beauty and simplicity. 

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